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NaBloPoMo – I nearly missed it

Last year half term was a week earlier and by the time NaBloPoMo started the kids were back at school.  Not so this time around and our hectic half term schedule has seen us travel back 5hrs in the car … Continue reading

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Job Hunt V – the one in which I bag an interview… or two

Seems the job hunting lark is a bit like the bloody men lark and the buses lark ….. and if you have no idea what I’m on about, take a look at Wendy Cope’s assessment of the situation.  After sending … Continue reading

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I speak your language

Enfin – a blogging competition about something I can write passionately about.  Kaplan, the language teaching people have set the The Kaplan Blogger Challenge, and asked me to write about the most important benefits of learning another language so here goes…… … Continue reading

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Cashew and Mushroom Stroganoff

I’ve been trying to cut down my dairy intake for a while now, to the point that I’m pretty much vegan – apart from the occasional bit of goats cheese.  One of the challenges has been to find a good … Continue reading

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Autumn daze and positive bodies

A glad to be alive, glorious morning here in West Yorkshire….. so much so that after walking the kids to school I couldn’t resist

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Do you work for free?

I’m not talking about volunteering here, I do plenty of volunteering.  @athriftymrsuk posted this tweet today “‘I thought since you trained in journalism and enjoy it you might do these two for free.’ is an actual quote from an email … Continue reading

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Forget about success…

One of my tweetmates (@knittywittywoo) pointed me to a fabulous TED video today which I just had to share with you.  It’s entertaining and very informative, do watch if you have a moment.  Here it is: Turns out, it’s kinda … Continue reading

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My Surreal Life

I’ve been left to my own devices for a couple of days.  Lucky me!  The kids are off with Jamie at his mothers house and I had big plans.  Unfortunately my surreal brain has amusingly disrupted the plans to tidy … Continue reading

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Job Hunt IV

You might have noticed it’s been very quiet around here recently. Efforts have been going elsewhere I’m afraid. Gradually things are coming together though I have to report that getting back into the workplace after 7 years of working as … Continue reading

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Here in the west we think nothing of going to the toilet and pulling the chain/pushing the flush button. We now have dual flush loos, but we’re miles behind the 8 ball in the poop stakes…. Bet you’ve never thought … Continue reading

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