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Christmas Games

We love games in our household and after Sunday’s giveaway, I thought I’d post about some of our favourites.  We’re not heavy duty gamers, but we do like a good strategy game and these kind of games are great for … Continue reading

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Big Game Giveaway

No, I’m not giving away a Lion, or a Giraffe for that matter!  But, we are definitely big game hunters in our household….. we have cupboards full of games, some get very well played and some are played once and … Continue reading

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Creativity, Art and 4 year olds

I’m big into creativity and allowing the kids freedom to express themselves.  

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A Society based on KINDNESS

I started this post yesterday and then a friend posted this film directed by Ian MacKenzie on Facebook:

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Sun Safety Policy

This is in the news today so I’m writing about it because it’s close to my heart.  Any of you who know me will know that we lived in New Zealand for a while and hope to return there some … Continue reading

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Out of the box thinking – education

This talk by Ken Robinson has been influencing my thinking for a while…. in fact, that’s not quite true

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Out of the box thinking

My hubby just came downstairs and gave me that withering look again.  There I was with my chalk, scribbling away….. I need it for my blog ….

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Taking Imagination Seriously

Imagination is a very serious business when you’re 3, 4, 5, 6…… It’s real, it’s important, it forms your reality and it is one of the most fundamental life skills we can develop in this day and age when the … Continue reading

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The key to success

People who succeed do so more because they try hard and practice than because of their natural ability….. so writes Matthew Syed in an article in the Work section of this weeks Guardian.  I wouldn’t normally be picking up on … Continue reading

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Gaming in Education

This article caught my attention last week.  It’s about a revolutionary classroom teacher, Mr Pai,  in Maplewood, Minnesota who is teaching maths and English using technology and getting phenomenal results. I have mixed feelings about this if I’m honest.  

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