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Job Hunt IV

You might have noticed it’s been very quiet around here recently. Efforts have been going elsewhere I’m afraid. Gradually things are coming together though I have to report that getting back into the workplace after 7 years of working as … Continue reading

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Job Hunt – Part IV

So, I had a lovely little project to run which saw me through February, March and April and even paid me a good wage…. but now I’m back on the street again  AND, it’s looking increasingly like I’m unemployable – … Continue reading

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A Shameless Plug

Anyone who follows this blog even on a very irregular basis will have noticed that I have been somewhat absent for the past couple of months.  During that time I’ve discovered that blogging and work don’t really mix….. certainly not … Continue reading

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I am a human being… no really – Job Hunt Part III

Really, I mean, this is me….. right here —–> I live, I breathe, I cook, I clean (very occasionally, though I don’t iron)

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Flexi Mum – Job Hunt Part II

The New Economics Foundation has just released a report stating that we should move towards a 21 hour work week.  ”Fantastic” is the buzz on Facebook, after all, who wants to work any more than they need to and 20 … Continue reading

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