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Autumn daze and positive bodies

A glad to be alive, glorious morning here in West Yorkshire….. so much so that after walking the kids to school I couldn’t resist

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Forget about success…

One of my tweetmates (@knittywittywoo) pointed me to a fabulous TED video today which I just had to share with you.  It’s entertaining and very informative, do watch if you have a moment.  Here it is: Turns out, it’s kinda … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Hopes and Dreams

1.What would you like your biggest achievement to be in 2012?  By the end of this year I will be the owner of a successful business. 2.What would you be most happy about completing in 2012?  I’ll have completed one … Continue reading

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New Year hopes and dreams

To put a different spin on New Year’s Resolutions, here are some questions to stimulate your thinking.  I’m going to mull over them for 24 hours and post my answers tomorrow.  I’ll leave them with you and maybe tomorrow (or … Continue reading

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Thought provoking questions – part 1

I’ve tagged myself!  Gemma over at Helloitsgemma has got me thinking again.  She’s taken on the Day Zero Challenge and as part of it posted her answers to these 50 thought provoking questions - I’m going to take them 10 at … Continue reading

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Failure is Feedback is NOT failure

I’ve been joining in the Love Links linky (which is great ‘cos it has the added incentive of being a kinda competition too – and I’m not competitive at all me, nooooooo ).  Ali from Sprinkles and Sprogs left a … Continue reading

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Into the Zone – writing with NLP

There are heaps of NLP techniques which help me as a writer and one of the most useful things is the ability to change your state…. for example, every day I have a very short “no kids” window

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Toast a Post – Highlights of the day

Today I’m linking to the lovely Nikki at “A Mother in France” who is doing a great series on Steps to Happiness and Contentment.  Each one has been fabulous, and I’m particularly keen on her first step which was to … Continue reading

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The NLP of Horrid Henry

Today’s post was inspired by this post over on Actually Mummy.  It was the mention of that dire sounding game “Queen Teen – the Clique” which got me started and if you hop on over there you’ll see I had a fair … Continue reading

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How do people respond to you?

This is the 2nd in my series of NLP posts for NaBloPoMo. NLP has a number of presuppositions – things which are always true (according to NLP).  The presuppositions are intentionally ambiguous, with a number of possible meanings and this … Continue reading

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