Out of the box thinking – Lego Golf

It’s the holidays and the weather is not behaving terribly well despite the best efforts of myself and Vicky Richards on Twitter to get the sun to shine  (@vickyrichards #sosmumssundance).  So today the kids demanded that I roll up newspaper to make golf “sticks” (yep, we’re not terribly into golf in our household), then they went about creating a golf course in the sitting room.  Here are the results:

Out of the box thinking - lego golfThe bowl at then end is the “hole”.  I drew the line at cutting a hole through the floorboards…. but it was suggested!





Out of the box thinking - lego golfThe ghost is the guardian of the ramp.






Out of the box thinking - lego golfThe tiger guards the gates.  It was flippin’ tricky to get the golf ball through this one.

We eventually gave up on the golf sticks and threw the ball through.  Still pretty tricky.




We then had to go round to a friend’s house proffering said rolled up bit of newspaper to ask if the friend would come and take part in the game – the kids got there first and their friend wasn’t in…. Tom, his dad, was.  The look on his face when they they offered him the golf stick and asked Ed to come round and play golf was classic bemusement.  For one, a three year old and six year old had appeared from nowhere on his doorstep, apparently unsupervised, then, two, he gets a rolled up bit of newspaper and three, the golf tournament had turned into a mini olympics in Finley’s head and he was now explaining that he would be teaching Karate and mummy would be teaching Gymnastics…… I ask you, of all things…. has he looked at my body recently… do I look like Olga Korbet (yep, I’m really that old).  Lord alone knows what was going through Tom’s head at the mention of me and gymnastics in the same sentence.

Don’t you just love kids’ imaginations!

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Do scroll down to leave a comment and let me know what your kids have been doing to fill the rainy hols……..

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