I’m a full believer in blog disclosure. Here are some thing you should know:

  • All Amazon links are affiliate links, this means that I make a small amount of commission should you decide to buy something from Amazon having clicked through from one of these links.
  • I may at some stage post other affiliate links.  I only post links to products I believe in and will let you know if a link is an affiliate link.
  • I may accept and keep free products, services, travel and event tickets. However I do not accept payment for reviews. I write as honestly as possible about my experiences. I only ever write about products and services I believe in.  Again, I will let you know in the post if I have received something for free.
  • The views and opinions expressed on this blog are all my own.
  • I have to approve all comments before they get posted on this blog.  I never approve comments which are obviously spam or which look like spam i.e. which don’t mention anything about the post on which they’re commenting.  I do however post all other comments….. if this changes for any reason, I’ll let you know here.

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