Christmas Presents for the Foodie Eco Warrior

I’ve seen these carousel things on other websites and loved them so I thought I’d look into making my own.  Watch out for more of them, I think I’ve become a woman possessed! ….  This is my wish list of foodie sustainability books (+ pressure cooker) for Christmas:

I have good reason to believe I’ll be getting a couple of the things on this carousel of sustainable delights ;-)

I just love my recipe books (as you can see), and though we’re not vegan, vegetarian or macrobiotic, I know that we’ll be living much more healthily and sustainably if we base our diet on lots of veg, and way less animal products (of all kinds, including dairy – some cheese is as bad for the environment as meat!).  The Banana book is what I’ve been looking for for a long time, it tells you how different things compare in terms of their environmental footprint; I’ve had a dip into it and it’s absolutely fascinating.

Hugh Fernleigh-Wittingstall inspired me recently to look further into raw food.  In his recent show they made a fantastic raw chocolate ganache.  So when I heard about the Gratitude Cafe in San Fransisco I just had to add their raw pud Sweet Gratitude book to my list.  I just love the fact that it’s called the Gratitude Cafe and that each dish is titled with an affirmation… just wonderful.  And we soooooo should be grateful for the lovely food we eat!

I aspire to Creating a Forest Garden, so this book is an absolute must…. I have it on good authority that it’s the best book on the subject.

The Pressure Cooker is a bit of a wild card in this list.  It’s something I’d really like in my cupboard, and I know it would make a real difference to the energy I use when cooking… particularly in winter when there is always a soup on the go.

Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree – another wild card – but it’s here because a) it sounds fascinating and b) my experience with working with a Transition Town tells me that many people believe that environmentalism has nothing to do with them or that they are not wealthy enough to live sustainably.  The reality is that environmental change is going to hit the poor the hardest…. both here and overseas.  This means we must engage in big change programs now, and help people see how they can benefit from living a sustainable life.  This book might just help us see ways deal with changes positively.

So, there you have it.  Enjoy the carousel and let me know if you’ve got any other recommendations for an eco warriors ;-)

PS if you’re into board games, you might like to look at my suggestions here….. most of them will probably be new to you – and I’d love to see any other recommendations you might have.

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