Live entertainment, Public Transport and Magic

This one is about last weekend, but this week has been manic and I started writing it last Sunday, and it’s worth putting into writing anyway, so here goes:

We have had a magical weekend. Loads of music, the awesomeness of live theatre with kids and lots of other stuff in between.  Friday was Enoch’s Hammer Folk Club, our monthly foray into all things musical and folk-like…. but not necessarily.  You see, with a friend, we started a folk club 18 months ago, kinda on the off chance that anyone around here might be into listening to, playing or singing the same kind of stuff as us.  Turns out a few people were….. we never turn people away at the door, but on Friday, quite a few people came up the stairs and decided for themselves that there just wasn’t room to squeeze in!   We had about 50 people in a small room above the pub.  One of our policies from the outset has been that anyone who wants to is allowed to perform.  So over the 18 months we’ve turned from a folk club into a bit of a variety performance.  We have quite a few story tellers, a film maker and on odd (very) occasions we have a bit of comedy – last slot included the Incredible Niblo escaping from his underpants!…. but that’s a whole other post.  Suffice it to say Friday was spectacular with a whole load of new acts coming out of the woodwork, but the highlight for me was a chap who came up from the pub to see what was going on, stood through nearly the whole night and when I spoke to him said “there’s nothing like this around, this is fantastic…. liked your singing by the way”…… the most fantastic thing is bringing intimate live music to a new audience and knowing that we’re definitely doing something right.

So next comes, “The one in which public transport fails spectacularly…. but we have a lovely time anyway”.  Mil had bought us tickets for the Panto in Leeds and we were all looking forward to it.  It was a chilly day, but we reckoned we’d be quicker and cheaper to take the train….. since the station is only 100 meters from our house the train is often a good option.  We’d arranged to meet up for lunch so we set off early…. thank God!  The train was late, the announcement came over the tanoy, but we reckoned we’d still be in plenty of time….. train arrived….. got on…… traveled to Huddersfield…. absolutely no trains going to Leeds or Manchester Piccadilly for 3 hours!  Got back on the train home.  Now, it’s not unusual for a train to be late, and it’s not unusual for trains to be cancelled, but for 3 hours!!!   And surely they must have known that there were no trains so why not say so on the tannoy at our little branch line – the tanoy person is based in Huddersfield or Manchester so they must have known.  So, we got in the car, an hour later, gave ourselves indigestion eating our lunch at the West Yorkshire Playhouse but had an absolutely fabulous time at the Theatre.  An incredibly talented cast kept the kids and us all enthralled with an updated tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  The kids are still talking about how Jack danced in the Wok when he was being cooked and how the chicken came down from the sky in a space rocket…. amazing what they do with panto’s nowadays ;-)

There was a small incident when we tried to take a family picture in front of the publicity shots of the show… what did they think we were going to do with them?  At worst we might publicise the show!  But all in all the day was summed up by Hamish (4), who got into the back of the car and piped up “Mummy, that was a real adventure” then promptly fell asleep.

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