Job Hunt – Part IV

So, I had a lovely little project to run which saw me through February, March and April and even paid me a good wage…. but now I’m back on the street again :-(  AND, it’s looking increasingly like I’m unemployable – OK, I haven’t been trying for too long – 5 or so months to be precise, but when a job comes up which seems to be a shoehorn fit and you don’t event get an interview, you have to start asking questions and, if I’m honest the questions are pretty obvious:

  • have I taken too long out to be considered a viable prospect (7 years “off” (ha) being a parent)
  • am I too old at 46?
  • is my CV too “interesting” for the British blue chip marketplace?  (20 years of work ranging from teaching English in France and Thailand, running ski resort programmes for British tour companies, fundraising in the City of London for a huge charity (with a target (which I met) of £500,000 per year) and finally working as an analyst, consultant and corporate strategist in the US, Canada and NZ.)

Without seeing my CV it’s obviously difficult to judge the last point, but do age and time out effect the way employers look at you.   I have no idea, but I know that from where I’m sitting it looks like certainly they might be effecting my chances.  Kinda tricky since neither of them are things I can do anything about, can’t do much about the CV either come to think of it (apart from a bit of creativity in how I describe stuff).

So anyway, I haven’t given up on the prospect of getting myself employed and I am continuing to fire off the ‘ole CV and keep my ear to the ground but at the same time I’m back on the road of creating myself a job again.    Anyone got any great ideas?  In my next post I’ll share a few of mine ;-)

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5 Responses to Job Hunt – Part IV

  1. Sergent says:

    I hate job hunts. I know in a way they help one find out things about themselves and all, but from where I hail, it can be frustrating. All the best though.
    Sergent recently posted..Write all that you can writeMy Profile

  2. I applied for 4 jobs and had 2 interviews before getting current one, yes its not using the 4 years I spent at uni or the 15 years in IT but job satisfaction is great.
    Becky Willoughby ( recently posted..Little Dish Shoes giveawayMy Profile

  3. Jill Cooke says:

    Really a hassling task but I’m very fortunate that I’ve a cool bro who selected the perfect job for me as he knew my choice so I hadn’t face the trouble of hunting the jobs. Good luck for the looming seekers.

  4. Andy says:

    Truly a hectic task to find out a perfect job for own! I think it’s another duty to select a suitable option of profession. Hope after getting the desire job the stress may be forgotten. Good luck for all job seekers (including me ;)!).
    Andy recently posted..You Are What You Eat for Fast Weight LossMy Profile

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