Change your thoughts and you change your world

Moosa of BoobJuice left this in response on one of my posts last week:

“Thanks for the inspiration for this crazy month of writing. Now can you just do some NLP on me so I actually follow through with my writing goals?”

Inspiring me to do a bit of an NLP post.  For those of your who have never heard of it, (and most people haven’t) here is a brief explanation of what NLP is.

Well, first the bad news – I can’t do any NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) on any of you ….. despite it’s reputation, NLP isn’t a black art!  Like most things which effect personal change, it only works when you do it for yourself… having said that, the good news is that it is an incredibly powerful catalyst for change.  An understanding of the techniques can help you change your mind for the better, become more productive and focused and improve your view of the world.

If there is one thing I’ve gleaned from NLP which has had more impact than any other it is the fact that I have a choice in how I think.  For some this will be a basic ….. derrr moment, but for me it was a lightbulb moment – and something I’ve used many times.  Let me explain:

We all face choices the whole time, a daunting array of them – going shopping can be a tortuous experience when you go to a new shop.  Such an array of choices is often not helpful.  In our day to day existence we often face a simple choice between finding the positive or taking a negative viewpoint.  Here in the UK we often take the latter route, we choose to be negative….. we are renowned for it across the world….. “whingeing Pom”.  When I first arrived in New Zealand I soon found that to fit in I had to start thinking differently.  That a negative viewpoint wouldn’t be tolerated.

One of the first things taught in NLP is that in every moment we have a choice.  This has helped me get through so many moments of tension, anger, stress and upset.  It has helped me look for the positive, look for what I have learned from a situation and ultimately, be happier about the choices I make.  No one else can shape what happens in my head, only me, so it’s up to me to make my thoughts the best they can be…. this in turn leads to me taking responsibility for myself and having the energy to do much more.

Don’t get me wrong, taking responsibility can be extremely difficult, and I would be lying if I said I managed to do it the whole time…. if I said I never gave way to anger, stress or upset.  But when I take the time to use my thoughts wisely, I can usually turn things around for the better.  Sometimes I don’t want to, so I give way to my inner rant…. and that’s OK too.

Digging through the archive, here are a few more NLP inspired posts:

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3 Responses to Change your thoughts and you change your world

  1. Sarah Mac says:

    Hmm, this looks interesting – as you say, obvious to some – I’m off to read some more – I could do with a bit of a (metaphorical) kick up the backside ;)
    Sarah Mac recently posted..We Are Learning To Make Fire – WoWMy Profile

  2. Debbie says:

    My personal empowering thought and motto:

    My glass isn’t half full or half empty – its always just full enough…..

  3. Very interesting. The mind is so powerful isn’t it. One of the most important things, as you say, is that the realisation that we have a choice in how we react to things and that can be either positively or negatively.
    Nikki – A Mother in France recently posted..Step 8 – Consider what you value mostMy Profile

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