NLP is great stuff, most of the time….

I’ve been doing some coaching and have been thoroughly enjoying being able to help people realise how to achieve their goals and then seeing them go for it. Over the past couple of days a couple of clients have had fantastic breakthroughs which have made me realise just how powerful NLP can be. Whilst it’s fantastic to feel you have the ability to really help people it’s also a great responsibilty and I am struck by how the coach can guide things by their choice of question. So often it is tempting to think that you can see where someone is going with their thoughts and help them along by the questions you ask and in effect any question you choose is guiding things to some extent. I am learning to stand back and allow silence and to sometimes ask gentler questions than is my natural instinct.

Now, at home my NLP has been less productive! (Warning, this bit is about bottoms and poo, if you’re reading this blog you’re are quite possibly a parent and have a pretty high threshold for poo stories ;-) Anyhow, our 5 year old had thrush around his bottom, it cleared up 5 weeks ago and has left a lasting legacy…… he now refuses to do no.2′s. Currently he’s gone for 5 days and has been having a laxative medicine since night 3. No amount of embedded suggestion, smart questioning, modelling ;-) or storytelling seems to get him to a place of movement ;-) Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

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