Parenting Expert? Who am I to tell you how to parent?

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I’ll be honest with you, this is a tricky post.  I’m running my first webinar next week and I’m really looking forward to it, I know I can help people manage themselves and their children and help you have a better, calmer, happier family life.  How do I know this?  Because people who have been on my courses have told me AND I know that what I have learnt has been fantastically useful in the way I relate to my own children.

BUT and it’s a big BUT - I have a problem with being a parenting expert.  To be truthful, I don’t think anyone has a “right way” of parenting.  It’s pretty much horses for courses and for me, flexibility is the key.   What works for one person might not work for another, what works on Tuesday might not work on Wednesday and what works in the garden might not work in the bathroom.  You get the idea.  So, the more ways you have of dealing with any one situation, the better prepared you are to get a positive result.  There is no “right way”.  I’m not going to be telling you that bribery is wrong, that your kids should never watch tele or that they mustn’t talk to strangers, what I am going to be doing is giving you more options.

It is oft repeated that parenting is the hardest job you will ever do -well, whilst I agree on one front, I think we can all make things easier for ourselves.  NLP has opened up for me a variety of new possibilities, new ways of seeing things and it has enabled me to understand my children a lot better.  On the webinar I’ll be covering some basic NLP techniques to help you:

  • Stay calm in the face of stressful situations.
  • Understand what is making your children tick.
  • Empathise with your children and ask great questions so that you can get to the bottom of what is troubling them.

When you register you’ll be asked a couple of questions and I’ll be trying to respond to as many of your answers as I can.

Do register for the webinar (this is a link to the registration page), if you can’t make it on the day, I’ll be sending out a recording to everyone who registers.  Let me know what your greatest frustrations are, and I’ll do my best to cover them.  Hope to talk with you next week.

Here are some testimonials from people who have been on my “live” NLP and Storytelling courses:

  • “Thanks for offering us a chance to think about things in different ways.”  Chayley, West Yorkshire
  • “Loved it, wonderfully structured to bring out the best in each of us.”  Anon
  • “You have a great training style………Can’t wait for the next session.” Becs, North Yorkshire
  • “Good to hear other people’s experiences.  Nice, relaxed atmosphere.”  Becca, Huddersfield
  • “The trainer listens well and reflects back well to the group. She covered an exciting and interesting range of topics and was flexible as to how the session developed.”  Anon
  • “I liked the friendly and open approach of the trainer. It was great to have an opportunity to discuss personal examples from my own experiences with my kids and how to put strategy into practice.”  Anon

And here is another post on flexibility.

Have a great day.  Fiona

(transfered from my old blog)

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