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So, how do you get back into work after 7 years out?  Any suggestions on a postcard please.  There’s a great post about the skills of mums on From Fun to Mum’s blog Are Employers Missing a Trick?….. yes, of course they are.  Mums are fantastic, we have so much to offer, AND I’m convinced we have more to offer after we’ve become mums than we did BC (Before Children).

I’m also convinced that many of us lose confidence in our employability and don’t sell these new skills at all well.  I’ve added a section to my CV which covers my parenting experience.  Here’s a bit of what it says:

“For the past seven years I have been working at home bringing up two young boys.  During this time I’ve become a great multi-tasker and have developed a degree of patience I never thought possible.  I have also:

  • Worked with the local transition towns to promote sustainability in the community.
  • Become a Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP) Practitioner.
  • Run a number of events including a large fundraising craft fair and pop up café.
  • Worked on formulating and running the social media strategy for a large festival.
  • Learnt the ins and outs of Twitter and Facebook for promotional purposes and built a number of websites in WordPress and other flash platforms.”

(Bear in mind I’ve been out for 7 years).  I’ve been talking to recruiters and all of them have said they really like this section because it shows that I’ve not turned into a total nappybrain (I have, but they don’t need to know that).  The upshot is, that if you’ve started a blog, become a school governor or joined the PTA, organised a cake sale for the WI or started a new hobby…. let potential employers know… shout it out.  If you haven’t, then it might be worth considering doing something so that you can look like you’ve been doing something.

Now, to the nub of the matter, my CV hasn’t got me a job yet – so far I’ve been looking for two weeks and let’s face it, the week commencing the 25th December probably wasn’t the most likely week to get employed in .  I’m not expecting to breeze back into employment, I’m not even necessarily expecting to get into employment at all BUT I’m bored and we’re skint, so what I AM expecting is that by the end of this year I will be making some dosh somehow.

I’ll be recording my efforts here and I’d love to hear from any of the rest of you who are looking for a job or starting your own business.  Like “From Fun to Mum” I’m not sure that I’m an entrepreneur, but I’m going to be looking at ways to make money on line at the same time as I look for employment.  It’ll be interesting to see which one wins at the end of the day…. or at least by the end of the year.


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  1. Eric Storch says:

    Good luck! I’m looking for employment as well, though I have worked one year in the past six. The economy is tough out there and I know I have to figure out which of my skills are the most marketable.

    Can’t wait to follow your progress!
    Eric Storch recently posted..Do you remember when we met? Part Three.My Profile

  2. nlpmum says:

    Thanks Eric – good luck to you too. It’s gonna be tough, but I suspect there are opportunities out there for the inventive ;-) Fiona
    nlpmum recently posted..How bad are bananas?My Profile

  3. nlpmum says:

    An interesting comment on this post came in via Twitter from my old work colleague @AmandaBringans. Most recently she’s been head of fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support – so she gets to employ a fair number of people and she’s worth listening to…. quite aside from the fact that what she said made sense – and it was this: “can you shift those points from inputs to outcomes and achievements? Raised £x, recruited y. etc? I look for those more…” Good point. The whole of the rest of my CV is in these terms and this section should be too.
    nlpmum recently posted..How bad are bananas?My Profile

  4. Amazing idea to put this on your CV!
    The funny thing is that I have written a post about it today and scheduled it for tomorrow…great minds think alike and all that! I think we learn a lot looking after kids and, in my case at least, owing to some of my baby’s health issues, if I go back to work, 70% of my salary would probably go to a nanny, so how is that for commitment!?
    I am not looking for drinks or holiday money, well, I am in part, but I am looking for nanny salary money so that my baby can be happy and I can also be happy and have a career. We are great assets to any employer and I wish you a lot of luck in your search.
    Great post indeed!
    from fun to mum recently posted..8/366My Profile

  5. Nikki Thomas says:

    Wow thatS amazing! I love that you’ve added all of that to your CV it is a really good idea, although mine wouldn’t sound half as good as that! I was a French teacher before children and although I still teach privately in the evenings, I am at the point of looking for a job, but I don’t want to go back to teaching at the moment as although theholidays are great, term time it can be very inflexible. So I plan to rewrite my CV and start looking for something, I’m not sure what though! It seems that most jobs that fit in with children are direct selling jobs which is not for me!
    Nikki Thomas recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

  6. nlpmum says:

    Look forward to reading your post “From fun to mum” – and good luck to both of you. It’s very tricky finding things to fit with kids….. for us, we’re looking at how both of us work so that we kind of might take it in turns to be the main breadwinner because I have potential to earn a lot more than my husband. I think there’s lots of ways to be flexible and in your CV skills are more important than the actual job you did…. and those skills can be bent to be relevant to different jobs. It’s really important to write you CV specifically for each job you apply for and actually use the words they use in the job ad or job spec in your CV.
    nlpmum recently posted..Gender equality – a pipe dream?My Profile

  7. Stewart says:

    Being creative is always an option when faced with filling a gap on your CV. As you say, there is no gap, you have been working as a mother. It will certainly appeal to many employers, especially females.

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