Do you work for free?

I’m not talking about volunteering here, I do plenty of volunteering.  @athriftymrsuk posted this tweet today “‘I thought since you trained in journalism and enjoy it you might do these two for free.’ is an actual quote from an email I received today”.  I’m a singer and we do a lot of performances for free but really, to assume that your services will be free is just a damn cheek.

Do you work for free?

It’s great to volunteer and do things you believe in for free but really all of us big societyers have to eat too.  Just sayin’

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9 Responses to Do you work for free?

  1. Liska says:

    We exchanged tweets today but I just got a weird DM from you.
    Is it spam?
    Liska x
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    • nlpmum says:

      I hope not, I always ask new followers to leave a link to their blogs on my “Blogs I love” page so’s I have a record of blogs to take a look at when I have a spare moment. ;-)

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  3. Hi! Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Just taking a look at your blog linked from there! This is a great quote/ story….. funny how we value things – or don’t as the case may be!?
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    • nlpmum says:

      Totally Gary, my opinion (for what it’s worth (which ain’t much/nothing)) is that we value just about everything wrong at the moment. People who entertain us and make us laugh are worth a a load and those who gamble with our savings should be locked up, a good compassionate nurse is worth as much as a doctor etc. Just sayin’

  4. Herold Martins says:

    Well put! It is just not right when people assume that you gotta do performances for free. Man, it takes time and energy to out on a good show and someone should take the initiative of rewarding that.

  5. Gemma says:

    I was asked to contribute a column to my local newspaper – at first I was thrilled with the opportunity, but after 8 months of doing a weekly column for free I did begin to feel a little bit ‘used’. It’s great to do things for the opportunity, but as you say, a girl’s gotta eat!

    • nlpmum says:

      There’s a line to be drawn somewhere Gemma between doing things because you love them (and being willing to do things just because you love them), doing things to promote yourself and your skills AND being taken for a ride! I’m not sure where that line is, and I guess it’s different for everybody, but with the economic climate at the moment people seem to be looking for something for nothing even more than before. Not good.

  6. I am a huge believer in people having a worth and having a value. I believe that in writing for nothing people are devaluing what often bloggers have to offer. The sad fact is there will always be someone out there willing to do it for next to nothing or free

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