Job Hunt V – the one in which I bag an interview… or two

Seems the job hunting lark is a bit like the bloody men lark and the buses lark ….. and if you have no idea what I’m on about, take a look at Wendy Cope’s assessment of the situation.  After sending off numerous applications and getting the ice freezing shoulder from all of the recipients (i.e. not a word to say whether I’d got anywhere or not….. I’m still waiting to hear, but I long ago ceased to be holding my breath) I have suddenly bagged a 2nd interview for one job and a 1st for another. Both interviews require me to put together a flaming presentation and one of them has had the cheek to write to one of my referees to ask them to fill in a shockingly long form about me (which she of course wants me to at least help with and probably write).  In addition to all this I seem to have volunteered myself to run NaBloPoMo again this year…… lord alone knows why….. but in some weird way it seems to make sense to me.  As if this weren’t enough, my Plan B (write a book) is nearing completion and just needs me to put in a final push to get it completed.

So the 2nd interview is next week and is for a job I really, really, really want (Job 1) and the 1st interview is the following week and is for a job I’m ambivalent about (Job 2).  Here’s my plan – put everything into getting Job 1, wait to hear, get it, Celebrate.  Fallback, start prepping for Job 2 midweek next week.

In the meantime, blog like I mean it and finish the bloody book!

Here’s hoping I can bag the job.

There now follows a gratuitous request for support in my mission to become the proud owner of an iphone:

If I haven’t asked you already then please, please, please hop on over to this post and hit the facebook like button.  I’m desperate for an iphone/ipad and you could help me win one. I’ll love you forever.  In case you missed it, here’s the link again.  Thankyou.

Oh, and if you’d like to take part in NaBloPoMo, here’s the NaBloPoMo Facebook page.  See you over there ;-)


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2 Responses to Job Hunt V – the one in which I bag an interview… or two

  1. Sarah Mullen says:

    did you get the job? did you use any nlp technquiues? i have an interview and I just brought two nlp intreview books (the 73 rules for infleuncing the interview and NLP interviews for dummies) there pretty good but what worked for you? bit scared of using hypnotic language in the interview!!

  2. nlpmum says:

    Hi Sarah, I’ve been incredibly quiet on here since I’ve been putting more of an effort into the job hunt and less (read none) into the blog. I didn’t get this job, but I have just got another job. Interestingly everything went wrong before the interview (including spending 5 hrs in A&E with one of my son’s with a broken collar bone two nights before and turning up late for the interview! (don’t do this, not recommended at all))… but, I was totally winging it which means I was using my subconscious mind and instinct much more….. and I got it, despite the fact it’s something I’ve never, ever done before! 73 rules for influencing interviews sounds interesting, will take a look.
    nlpmum recently posted..NaBloPoMo – I nearly missed itMy Profile

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