TaP for some beautiful pics and a political rant

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This is a rather serious and political post – you have been warned:

I’m not usually particularly arty, but this post by Alice on My Modern Met really got to me.  It was put up on FB by a friend and I’d just seen another friend’s rather sad post on FB which read:

“I just feel like this country is falling apart,

that we have a government and leadership that

really doesn’t care about the irreversible damage

it’s doing, and can just see the hurt that it will cause

my friends and colleagues and the people we support. And

every once in a while it ceases to be the anger that drives

me to do what I do, and it becomes an overwhelming sadness

that I just have to give into for a while.”

He works in Yorkshire with adults with learning disabilities.

So many of the buildings in Alice’s post are public buildings in an irrepairable state…. just like the state our health system and social support systems are being forced into.

I have so many friends who work with the sick and the vulnerable in our society.   We have an opportunity in this time of change to create a just society.  More than at any time, we need a society which cares.

We’re all in this together David Cameron…… NOT.  My friends are the big society – but you can’t expect them all to work for free, they already work for next to nothing, they all have mortgages to pay, kids to clothe and feed.  I’m cross that the rich are getting away with rising wages and bonuses whilst those who care are facing unemployment and those who are cared for are facing life on the streets.  Many of the rich think they should be taxed properly and know that it is not right that they have opportunities to avoid it – you are pulling the wool over our eyes that there is no alternative…. there is an alternative – get the have’s to help out the have nots.  Create a just society.  More than at any time, we need a society which cares.

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5 Responses to TaP for some beautiful pics and a political rant

  1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s really sickening what is happening all around us. I think the biggest problem is the people at the top are so detached from the rest of society. But things have got to change and they will, I’m sure of it, but at what cost?
    Nikki – A Mother in France recently posted..Don’t take yourself too SeriouslyMy Profile

  2. Chloe says:

    It really is shocking what the goverment has become, and so many people are losing out on a good life because of them. They need to change, and they need to do it now.

  3. Debbie says:

    Those pictures are really amazing – very haunting. I can see how they inspired that post…

  4. nlpmum says:

    There’s something about a derelict assylum!….. It doesn’t take much to provoke me on this topic at the moment ;-(
    nlpmum recently posted..5 Things that make me smileMy Profile

  5. Blue Sky says:

    I’m completely with you on this and we have the same problems here in Ireland and the same austerity solutions are being imposed on those who can least afford it, as well as children, the sick and the vulnerable. It makes me very depressed :(
    Blue Sky recently posted..What I want for Christmas is…. a #specialsaturday postMy Profile

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