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Masterchef and Hannibal Lecter

Finley has just joined Beavers, it’s brilliant, he’s loving it, though why they have to call it Beavers I’ll never understand.  Anyhow, they seem to be working towards some kind of cooking badge – I’m being intentionally vague here because … Continue reading

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Great Grandma’s Pastry

Nothing beats homemade apple pie and my apple pie even comes with a bit of ancestry attached.  

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Hard Core Cold Cure

Today I’m feeling seriously under the weather…… head full of snot, a grouchy cow to anyone who comes near me…. be warned. I had in mind a lovely post about NLP and all that jazz, but, to be frank there’s … Continue reading

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Most Versatile Cake Recipe EVER!

My singing friends came round last night and we did our usual chatting for a couple of hours followed by long discussion and YouTube searching for songs we should sing, followed by 20 minutes of singing and deciding that actually … Continue reading

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Fantastic Stir Fry

I usually cook when I’m getting hungry and this means that once it’s cooked, it’s eaten pretty quickly….. so apols in advance for no photo…..  I only thought about photographing it half way through eating it, by which stage, it … Continue reading

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Two meals in one

Yesterday I made a totally yummy lentil dahl and today I used the leftovers to pep up a bland pumpkin and made soup.  Here’s the recipes…………

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Fabulous Summer Dinner Party

Last weekend we had a dinner party…. it’s the first time we’ve ventured into such territory since we’ve had the kids and there were lots of things about the evening that were lovely

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Veggie Tagine

If you love hot food, this is a fabulous alternative to an Indian curry with very different flavours.  I tend to use ratatouille veg (peppers, courgettes, tomatoes, garlic, onions and aubergine) but you could use just about anything. If you … Continue reading

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Vege West Country Hotpot – for National Vegetarian Week

A word of warning on this one – pearl barley is yummy but it does me no favours in the gut department – suffice it to say

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